We have set up a team with soldiers, Verge and Technokrest machines strong enough to take us south, past the belt of Mithaurian trees and again invading the rocky plains surrounding the city of machines.

A brief stop to stock our supplies and weapons led us into Albano and Neeno. The king was wounded and patched, but as imposing as ever.

“Dear Nettor, we need your services back at Mithaurian. New Rune Crystals will soon be ready for us to awaken the portraits that came from Spellenrune. ”

“We have acquired more knowledge, my king. We are heading southeast in search of a construction once used by the ancient Verge … ”

“… named Arcada.” – Neeno interrupted me. His voice, almost a whisper – “I remember this place young Nettor. Its entrance is sealed by ancient magic. You will need my help. This temple connects all those that have been touched by Starun. Conquering it we will be able to travel between the forge, the sanctuary and the armorial under Spellenrune without problems. ”

“I do not usually like surprises,” said Albano, “but apparently this is the best plan we have. I’ll gather my troops, Ale, and we shall leave at once. To Arcada! “