After showing Hertanyth’s letter to Albano he decided it was about time we paid visit to Spellenrune. He and I were followed by a small group of Verge and soldiers. We were escorted by two carrier ships, the three remaining heroes and carried more than half of our last remaining Starun.

The Elders knew we were coming. They had been waiting at the entrance of the Main Temple. Carlo knew he had acquired enough experience from the first battle, which unfortunately only he and Tusk had fought. The high priest led the way into the Shrine I had never heard of. We made way through endless corridors in the undergrounds of the temple. The structure of the place deeply resembled what we had seen back at Mithaurian. Upon our arrival at the entrance of the chamber I was handed a scroll by the high priest.

“For this first step into Carlo’s evolution, no more than a Crystal Rune shall be required. But beware the dangers of greed when it comes to evolution. Enter the shrine. Read the Scroll. Have a stronger hero. After you do, there are secrets I must reveal before you choose what to do next.”

Carlo stood at the center of the shrine as I deposited the Rune into the slot under the lectern. As I read the words the energy emanating from the Crystal enveloped him and after a deep breath he seemed to absorb it. He shone brighter. His aura was stronger, as were his knowledge and will.

“Cup of tea?” Asked the high priest as we left the shrine…