After learning what had taken place, there was no doubt we had to summon new heroes. Day in and day out, Albano’s guards would introduce us to newly awakened Verge. They were dozens now and the presence of more Starun around us helped them enhance their perception and start to manipulate the energy coming from the Flux. I was still not convinced extracting Starun was the wisest choice. If we were being able to withdraw it from the land, it meant the Seal in that area had been broken. What force could do such thing?

We figured the Rhino Hertanyth had told us about was certainly a First trying to make his way into our world. Given we had the Starun and the available Verge, a second ritual was to be performed. I had to lead the party since I was the only one who could and knew how to. But this time Hertanyth stood at the altar. His binding was very unlike mine. Whilst I felt nothing but peace during the process, Hertanyth was in deep pain.

It was quite troublesome and we felt he was close to collapse when it finally happened. Tusk, The Righteous Shield was brought into Myridian. Even larger than Carlo, on one hand he wielded a war hammer which no Merid could dream of lifting. On the other hand, the Righteous Shield. Another magical piece which seemed nearly indestructible. Finely adorned with ancient runic symbols. The battle marks on it were nothing but scratches, and yet were certainly made by indeed forceful weapons. His cuirass shone bright silver and blue, much alike Carlo’s breastplate. Most of his muscular figure was covered by armor.

“I shall protect you all from the storms to come!”

As he was about to start telling us his story we were interrupted by an anguished guard who broke into the chambers. Wounded in battle, he was held by Albano, and before dropping unconscious to the ground he proffered words that caused great concern:

“King Albano, there are so many of them! We were crushed! The dig… from the ground… monsters!!!! So… many…”

“Ah, the first storm! Perfect timing dear friends!” Said Tusk – And thus he and Carlo marched to battle. “Glad to fight by your side once more, old friend!”, he completed.