My incursion into  suburbs was quite rewarding. Not only did I learn it is not nearly half as dangerous a place as it was supposed to be, but I also discovered that many facts regarding the war have been kept from us.

Apparently the devastation has not been caused by Myrids alone. Myrids have only recurred to war because they felt threatened by waves of attacks coming from unknown sources. Declaring war on other territories was an act of self preservation, since no civilization would claim to have commanded such strikes.

Apart from that, another invaluable discovery was that the constant seismic activity has brought substances to the surface that have never been accessed by anyone alive nowadays. Fissures on the rocks and debris from volcanic activity seem to have revealed unrecorded kinds of toxins, fluids and minerals. Technokrest have sent their drones to explore the razed areas but they all malfunctioned as they approached their targets. Word is that there is some kind of radiation that behaves like an EMP, and Myrids can’t approach those places, even if properly equipped, due to the extremely toxic smokes around them.

One impressive feat was that engineers from Technokrest managed to sacrifice a low altitude satellite in order to gather information. They reversed its propulsion and brought it down full speed with all sensors on, and just before communications were lost it sent an image of what seems to be a glowing mineral emanating from the cracks on the ground.

Being in Spellenrune any longer would be a waste of time since all the questions point towards Technokrest. I have distributed over a hundred copies of my journal. I pray others will find and follow my lead. On to Technokrest!