After the rumours of mythological heroes coming out of sacred paintings spread throughout Myridian, Albano’s guards have been significantly busy with peasants from all over the world. Whoever has a portrait hanging on the walls thinks a godlike creature is ready to pop out of it and decides to bring it over to us.

However, we have heard from the high temple of Spellenrune and they have sent a caravan carrying two portraits. The high priest says they had notice of more ancient portraits located in other temples, which, to our misfortune, have already fallen.

Engineers from Technokrest have found one as well. It was hidden in one of the many chambers around the Forge. We await for another shipment of Starun. It is still being extracted from the dig in the countryside of Mithaurian, despite my advice against it.

Tonight we shall try to invoke three more heroes, provided my strength and Starun are enough.