“- Bufoon!”

“- You’ve been dreaming about Mithaurian’s King, Albano, the Golden Mane!”

“- Enough with these reveries!”

…they say.

AlbanoMithaurian‘s bravest. A strong king indeed for a time of peace, which is not the case anymore. Even decades ago, at his prime, would he be no match for the creature in my dreams.

Once again I dreamed about him. There was some sort of cave, a mysterious glow covered in mist, and that is where he was after his goal. It seems there is something to be gathered from that place but inimaginable dangers encircle those who chase within. It feels so real.

This must have been. Or will be. Or something in between.

Even though I’ve read through most of the tomes in this library nothing was found about this creature and these places in the pages. Living and working here for more years than I can account for, the truth lies elsewhere. It is as if all I envision never existed. Or there must have been great reason for such power to be kept hidden from the world…