“We still have a chance.” – a weak and soft voice came from behind of us in the bedroom where Albano was being treated. A heron in Craftsmit’s robes passed through the door and came to our encounter.

“My name is Freena and I am one of the few inhabitants of Craftsmir who managed to escape the tremor. I am a descendant of Emmarin and it is time for a new portrait to be made to eternalize our new king in our quest for saving this world. And for that, we need to retake Craftsmir. ”

I knew what had to be done.I went down to the sanctuary of Mithaurian, connected with the Starun energy, and told all the Verges who were now aware of it’s existence.

“I am Nettor, descendant of Malthus, the first of the New Verge. I call upon all of you to join me in Mithaurian and awaken heroes for you. We will train in Arcada and in six months time we will leave to reclaim Craftsmir. Our enemy must begin to fear us. Our king needs our support. Our world needs our power. “