Before we go any further I feel it is time to introduce myself. I am Nettor, descendant of Maltus, whatever that means. I belong to the Verge bloodline, and the name of Maltus seems to be rather revered amongst them. Those of my kind are nowadays rare and utterly disregarded by society as a whole. It is quite hard for a technologically developed society to absorb what the Verge have to offer.

We are seen as the mystical ones. The ones who believe in Magic, scrolls, herbs, potions, charms and the like. The Verge were the first settlers of Spellenrune, the most important of all kingdoms in a distant past. Apparently our ancestors were the “scientists” of their time and helped the world develop through magic. That was up to a certain point we don’t have many records of… We suppose some kind of cataclysm happened back then and since that, Magic somewhat disappeared.

We can only assume the strongest Verge were vanquished while trying to fight it. People call this event “The End”. A mark that has only lived through tradition in peoples’ legends.

Thankfully, our planet Myridian was able to fully recover due to the technological advances achieved by Technokrest. They are now the core of our entire world. And a potential place for answers to be found.