The might of the legends is beyond belief. To think only two of them have defeated a couple hundred Yrians! They returned a few days later and brought along enough Starun for us to work on summoning two other firsts. Donna, The Amber Arrow and Neeno, The New Moon now walk among us.

I have never been this powerful, and yet I feel depleted. Each time we perform a ritual my joints and muscles burn and shiver. It consumes me. But I must carry on… So much to be done it’s even hard to find time and drop these lines for the sake of history!

And now I am arrantly worried about Hertanyth’s perspective of things… He has such taste for war and power… Gathering resources and strengthening Tusk is all he mumbles about. He appears to be fighting a war for himself only… He is out on the battlefield again… He could be here and see through Tusk’s eyes but he would much rather smell the blood of fallen Yrians