Our available Starun was just about enough to perform three rituals later that night. And as we prepared for that, the shipment we had been long expecting had just arrived. The dig had been depleted. And it was the only one we had notice of that had been broken apart by natural disasters. So we would have to do our best with that last stock until we found another concentration of shards to start extracting.

The convoy was approaching the gates of Mithaurian when all of a sudden a deafening roar was heard. Tusk was charging towards the troops, which made all the guards confused. They thought there might have been some kind of ambush ahead so they just stood their ground waiting for him to join them. Such disappointment it was when he trampled down all the soldiers in a flash. From a short distance, Hertanyth had been spotted. As reinforcements prepared and left Mithaurian to engage Tusk, Hertanyth took command of the carriers and fled with the shipment. Tusk stood guard long enough for Hertanyth to fade in the distance and rushed away. The guards that had been assigned to stop him were petrified as he walked left and right waiting for the carriers to vanish.

They said Tusk’s gaze was one of sadness and disappointment, but he would not hesitate about crushing anyone who dared try and pass him by. Albano is devastated, as are we all. We must rethink how to use the remaining Starun, and also prepare our heroes to fight one of their own should it come to that. What could have made Hertanyth do such thing?