Even though I thought I had surprised him with my knowledge regarding the tomes and the scrolls of the Main Temple and the Library, after long hours of interrogation the High Priest still retained a suspicious gaze that confused me.

“You extol the name of Malthus without the proper knowledge to do so, young Nettor. He was not only a great Verge, but also an astounding priest and a remarkable thinker. All the information vowed to be kept secret by his command had its seal broken the moment the Forge began operating. ”

As he spoke, I observed the prolific amount of books that surrounded us. Titles I’d never heard of. Disproportionate volumes bound by tanned leather and scrawls of runes and symbols that might date prior to the building of the Temple itself. I asked whether those were the treasures hidden in the Sanctuary underneath the Temple…

“Yes, but we can scarcely fathom their full extent. Little more than a couple of these scrolls have intelligible notes, and writings about this language are scarce. Not even my best scribes could figure out what lies within. Nothing but the only clear piece of information we have – They belong to the Verge.

We know not how far this new energy can strengthen you or how much it can provide, but if Malthus chose to conceal it, then let us pray you are not going down a path even he considered doomful back then. We now urge for more knowledge. Seek within these books and you may find the places from where your ancestor drew his wisdom. Perhaps tracing steps from his past will enlighten us more than simply moving forward with this new force you bear.”