Dear Nettor,

I can’t express enough the sorrow I feel for the manner our ways had to part. There were things to be found by methods I knew you and the others would not approve. How could I, and my diminished figure stand a point against you, the Mighty Albano, all his guards and your bunch of followers? You have become a sect, just like the old people you used to condemn back at Spellenrune’s Main Temple. While you discuss and plan, I act.

Be assured my stand is not against you. I, as well as you all, only hope to save Myridian from the end. I just chose a different path.

Nevertheless, there is invaluable information I must share with you. Our heroes come to this plane with derisory powers compared to their full potential. Whenever they engage combat, their skills are honed to a certain point at which they are ready to incorporate the acquired experience into their bodies and become stronger, faster, more enduring. It takes Starun. A little at first, but there might come a time you will need more Starun to evolve them than you would to bring a new hero to life. Choices will have to be made. There is an underground chamber in Spellenrune. That is where the two portraits you received in Mithaurian were taken from. The elders did not want to share the existence of the room, but you will need it to find the scrolls and perform the rituals of evolution. It is not the only way, but it will be the easiest for you, furthermore, it is the one with the smallest toll.