Returning through the darkness to the common area of Arcada, we found the Verge and the soldiers carrying books all around due to the lack of tables upstairs. I told everyone what I had seen, then drew the symbols found on the trapdoor along with Malthus’ symbol on an empty scroll. I divided tasks so we could look for both the door that was supposed to lead to the sanctuary below us and also find information on how to use it.

Neeno and Albano began to stand guard outside and fight any Yrian patrols looking for us, as to prevent more attention being drawn towards this construction.

Then one of the soldiers taking part in the search for the door found a chest with the symbol of the trapdoor, filled with gems with the capacity to infuse Starun. At the bottom of the box there was a book with instructions on activating what seemed to be a training room.

“Arcada is the base camp for training any Verge whose will is that of binding with Legendary Heroes. The Quest for the Gems is an exercise for synchronizing Verge and Hero. So may they prepare mind and body for the deadly battles this bond carries within.

Malthus Prudens Aluminum “