Since my new awakening it became clear that others like me had to be created in order to stand a chance against the end. And so Malthus and Emmarin travelled across the land for months trying to find the greatest warriors of Myridian and assemble the army to wipe the forces of evil away. So many failures… strong candidates whose souls were lost… Starun is as dangerous as it is powerful. But to our luck a few transformations were successful and it wasn’t long before we had the first lineage of legendary heroes. We were eight and our powers combined could face nearly any threat. From Mithaurian, I was followed by Donna – The Amber Arrow, Neeno – The New Moon and Tusk – The Righteous Shield. From Spellenrune there were Mirari – The Green Grimoire and Garrett – The Arcane Scale. From Technokrest, Guill – The New Mind and Fay – The Steel Feather.

Every time the first of a kind is summoned, a Verge must be bound to him to form a replicable matrix. That Verge can only bind with one hero, for their minds will be permanently attached. When a Verge is assigned to a replica, he can bind with as many as his powers allow, since the main conscience of the hero lies elsewhere. It’s always a symbiotic relation. If the Verge who binds with a First dies, all of its replicas will lose structure and go back to the Starun flux. Then a new Verge must summon the First again and so on. I am the First Carlo of this time, so I am bound to you, Nettor, and only you.

All of the available Starun and Verge were used to assemble the largest army possible, and we parted for war. The Verge that were left behind had the duty to find and produce new heroes in case our incursion went wrong. Dozens of new ones were made from the most worthy. Our role in war was to enter the damaged areas days .and make our way through thousands of corrupted Yrians. They had to flee or perish. Once the perimeter was secure, we would find the source of negative energy. Then the group would stand the ground while the hero connected to the strongest Verge would seal the source by returning a significant amount – 6 fully lapidated gems – of Starun to the land along with a conjuring and a protection spell. The Starun would create an underground magic seal and make it both undetectable and impenetrable. Should any force find its way in, a Maze would be created and challenges of Valor presented. Failure meant death. That was a way to make sure the Starun returned could not be extracted again.

It took us a few years to finally restore the whole planet. There were many casualties and much of what the citizens had was lost. The more areas we recovered, the less Starun we had to keep the heroes incarnated, so our armies got shorter each day. And the Verge grew weaker since available Starun is the source of their power. There was a last seal to be made. 6 last gems. I was the only Hero still around and Malthus was the last Verge who could still manipulate magic. It takes Starun to cast the spell and there was none left. Malthus made sure the isolated area would provide him with enough supplies to spend the rest of his days. He sealed himself inside the last source, and as he vanished inside the mist of the spell I too parted. There was a lot to be done by the people. A new world to be discovered. One without magic. From the old world, we were the first and the last. And that was the end of the war.