Myridian: The Last Stand is an old school 3×3 mobile platformer featuring stunning 2D pixel art, an orchestral soundtrack and intense action. It’s currently under development.

Driven by a story that requires players’ interaction in order to evolve, The Last Stand is the first chapter of Nettor‘s mission to awaken the Verge and bring legendary heroes to life so they can face their greatest challenge.

At the end of every chapter, players’ progresses achieving their goals will dictate how new heroes, missions and events will be inserted in the storyline. Players with enough experience points will be invited to join solo or co-op quests and their results will lead the story on.

Main Features

  • Quick (3-5 min.) and fast paced matches;
  • Game modes: PvP, Co-op, Solo and Community events;
  • Legendary heroes with unique skills;
  • Hero evolution tree with 30 levels and a skill rebuild option;
  • Exclusive gear, skins and magical items for each and every hero;
  • Magical mazes with random rooms (rogue lite);
  • New Solo and Co-op missions every chapter;
  • Co-op story mode, where every new chapter presents new heroes, enemies, maps and missions;
  • Clan system, with community oriented quests;
  • Ranking system;
  • In-app purchases (details under development).

PvP Multiplayer

As their heroes are sent to magical mazes with challenges imbued, players must dispute resources in order to boost their power. There are 3 kinds of maps:

Dungeons: Grand rooms with several paths and obstacles, where players must find and keep magical gems. The goal is to capture them all or have the highest amount before the timer runs out.

Fortresses: Separated by 6 floors, the team spawned at the lowest floor must prevent the other team from reaching their ground.

Arcane Towers: Both teams are spawned at the bottom of a tower, on opposite sites. The team to reach the top with most heroes within the time limit wins.

Co-op/solo missions

These quests happen side by side with the game’s storyline. Players will help important NPCs and be rewarded with resources.

During chapter 0 (Up to open Beta version), there will be 3 spots on the map with quests for 1-3 players.

Villages around Mithaurian: Players must resist Yrian (minion) attack waves for 4 minutes.

Pulse mines in Technokrest: Players must invade one of Technokrest’s underground caves and destroy the hidden monsters in order to collect resources to aid the city.

Hunting groups in Spellenrune’s forests: Mini-boss level monsters must be stopped from threatening the city!

Co-op events – The story moves on!

Myridian is a world being devastated by relentless evil forces, known by its inhabitants simply as The End. Several cities have been taken, and a great part of the world has been corrupted by its evil energy. The remaining locations are not enough to provide the necessary strength for victory.

Magical spots, deeply connected to Myridian must be set free. Thus, a new temple will be revealed in every chapter. That will bring new heroes, missions, gear and much more to aid Myridian’s resistance.

Keep in mind, though, that The End knows the forces opposing it, and will do whatever it takes in order to assure the end of all things.

An expanding rol of characters. Choose among over 16 different heroes, each with unique skills, weapons, gear and looks.

According to the progress of the story, new heroes will be introduced, as well as new gear and weapons.

The game was conceived having the pixel-art aesthetics in mind, which lines up with classic gaming inspiration and old school platform gameplay.

Graphic assets are hand crafted and animated through 3D modeling. After that they are pixelated (wacom-ated) by hand, frame by frame. That being added to all backgrounds and characters planned for the full game is a lot of work, which is done with a lot of care and devotion!


In addition, visual effects are created using sophisticated methods brought directly from the VFX industry standards, properly adapted to the game’s visuals, bringing animations to life!

When it comes to soundtracking, our concept was to work with traditional Hollywood style composition models.

Themes were written for piano based on imagery and gameplay, later arranged into an orchestral grid and rendered with East West’s high definition libraries.

Voice capturing is done is a controlled room, with state-of-the-art components and treated with much care so as to bring deep personality to characters and narrator.

The same care was applied to our sound designed. Developed from scratch, rendering each element without the usage of pre-made assets.

Mixing and mastering is focused on a specific compression for mobile devices so players will have the best sound experience during gameplay with or without ear phones.

Though we are rookies in the game development business, we’ve been avid players for over 25 years each and have broad experience in our areas of expertise.

We believe in the game’s potential and seek for an opportunity for other people to see it the same way we do. We are an indie studio in quest for a chance to change the reality of 6 dreamers.

Thiago Antonietto (39)


B.A. in music. Specialized in composition, conduction and soundtracks.

After about 5 years managing high performance teams (Latin America), he left the market in order to devote his full time to music, a profession he’d been studying since he was 6.

Founder and director of the Magnum Opus Music School, he has already written original music for theater, radio and TV.

This is his first game project and a huge dream coming true!

Evandro Millian (39)


Post graduate in Cloud Computing. 12-year experience in development. Knowledge over several languages and platforms. He started playing videogameswith Atari, moving to NES, SNES, Playstation, Wii and, of course, PC and mobiles. He started programming with the dream of making his own games some day.

He has also worked with web and high-end systems for telephony, financial markets, auditing, data management, marketing, database and cloud computing.

Myridian: The Last Stand is the accomplishment of a dream, and the chance to apply all the acquired knowledge from his career while learning even more!

Armando Ribeiro (31)


Fantasy Author, RPG Master

B.D. in Automation Controlling Engineering with emphasis in numerical methods. Deeply connected to the RPG universe, he has developed his own rules system, a boardgame, a podcast and has led over a dozen campaigns in scenarios he designed himself.

Currently working as a freelance mechanical engineer, he is also an RPG master and gamedesigner out of passion.

Myridian: The Last Stand is a game he takes much pride for, with an embracing a evolving story, filled with unique characters. His RPG basis is a promise of bringing grand narrative elements to the mobile gaming world.

Edgar “Ed” Akiyama (42)


While most kids would ride a bike, Ed would stay at home drawing videogame and comic book characters. When they moved to the NES and Master System, Ed got his MSX and started doing pixel art. In his teenage years he got in touch with the Demoscene.

This calling was set aside to follow the advertising profession, where he has worked in several areas: art directing, programming, strategic planning and user experience design. Over 20 years in this market, he has gotten into several advergame projects, and was awarded at the Cannes Advertising Festival in 2008!

Rudi Gude (35)


B.A. in graphic design, he’s been in the animation/motion design/VFX/3D scene for over 15 years. He’s been through animation studios, advertising agencies, internet content publishers and advertising movie agencies.

An enthusiast of all kinds of games. Cards, Quarto!, Chess, Mario, Monkey Island, Black&White, TF2 and Ark Survival!

He’s had a few opportunities of helping in the development of advergames, but nothing as ambitious and rewarding as Myridian: The Last Stand!

Rogério Serra (50)


Partner/Manager of Serra Associates

Specialized in Corporate Law, Copyright, contracts, consumer relationships, brands and licensing.

He has over 15 years of experience in licensing brands and characters for digital media development for market leaders in the area.

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