As the torch cast light onto the walls of a secondary chamber my first glimpse was that of a portrait. Painted by a very gifted artist indeed. The perfect figure of that legendary lion I first met in my dreams. Carlo, The Golden Blaze. The frame seemed to be centuries, maybe millennia old. And yet the paint was as clear as it had just been applied.

“They never age, these portraits.” Said Albano.

And there were more like the first. Three more paintings, each with a different creature and a different name. Donna, The Amber Arrow . Tusk, The Righteous Shield. Neeno, The New Moon.

“Mithaurian’s Legendary Four. Not our only legends, but surely the first and last to stand. The secret passed from king to king until the time comes when they must rise again. And it is about time they do. Thirty eight kings have passed this torch on to the next, waiting for this very moment. It takes 21 Verge and an insurmountable amount of Starun to summon one of them.”

“Starun?” Asked Hertanyth.

“Indeed. The mineral that was the source of all magic in a distant past. Sunken and buried for centuries in order to protect Myridian from all harm it could bring. And ironically our only hope now. The Starun must be forged into Crystal Runes in order for this to work. The only forge I know of that is still within reach lies in Technokrest. Let’s pray those little inventors haven’t turned it into some of their turbines or thermals. My emissaries have reported quite a few occurrences of Starun emerging due to the volcanic and seismic activities. Technokrest drones have been spotted all over those places and I am willing to bet three barrels of Ale they have found a way to extract it. But they can’t trigger the forge without the device that serves both as a lever to start it and as an Athame to perform the rituals in this very chamber. Glad you have brought it with you unaware of its power. It will also take a king and his army to hold this place, for the enemy’s retaliation will be frantic once its powers are unleashed.”

I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do here right now. My emissaries are looking for more Verge descendants as we speak. Even if they are not fully awaken, I believe once exposed to any form of Starun their senses will be elevated too.

The two of you must part at once. You shall be escorted by my finest assassins. Take this message with my seal to Technokrest. Look for an elder and demand to be taken to the forge. Once there, you must gather enough Starun shards to forge 21 Crystal Runes. Then hurry back to Mithaurian. Hopefully we will have found enough Verge by then so we can start to purge evil from this land.”

On to Technokrest!