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The First Setback

Our available Starun was just about enough to perform three rituals later that night. And as we prepared for that, the shipment we had been long expecting had just arrived. The dig had been depleted. And it was the only one we had notice of that had been broken apart by natural disasters. So we would have to do our best with that last stock until we found another concentration of shards to start extracting.

The convoy was approaching the gates of Mithaurian when all of a sudden a deafening roar was heard. Tusk was charging towards the troops, which made all the guards confused. They thought there might have been some kind of ambush ahead so they just stood their ground waiting for him to join them. Such disappointment it was when he trampled down all the soldiers in a flash. From a short distance, Hertanyth had been spotted. As reinforcements prepared and left Mithaurian to engage Tusk, Hertanyth took command of the carriers and fled with the shipment. Tusk stood guard long enough for Hertanyth to fade in the distance and rushed away. The guards that had been assigned to stop him were petrified as he walked left and right waiting for the carriers to vanish.

They said Tusk’s gaze was one of sadness and disappointment, but he would not hesitate about crushing anyone who dared try and pass him by. Albano is devastated, as are we all. We must rethink how to use the remaining Starun, and also prepare our heroes to fight one of their own should it come to that. What could have made Hertanyth do such thing?

Legends from Spellenrune and Mithaurian

After the rumours of mythological heroes coming out of sacred paintings spread throughout Myridian, Albano’s guards have been significantly busy with peasants from all over the world. Whoever has a portrait hanging on the walls thinks a godlike creature is ready to pop out of it and decides to bring it over to us.

However, we have heard from the high temple of Spellenrune and they have sent a caravan carrying two portraits. The high priest says they had notice of more ancient portraits located in other temples, which, to our misfortune, have already fallen.

Engineers from Technokrest have found one as well. It was hidden in one of the many chambers around the Forge. We await for another shipment of Starun. It is still being extracted from the dig in the countryside of Mithaurian, despite my advice against it.

Tonight we shall try to invoke three more heroes, provided my strength and Starun are enough.

The First Battle & New Heroes arise!

The might of the legends is beyond belief. To think only two of them have defeated a couple hundred Yrians! They returned a few days later and brought along enough Starun for us to work on summoning two other firsts. Donna, The Amber Arrow and Neeno, The New Moon now walk among us.

I have never been this powerful, and yet I feel depleted. Each time we perform a ritual my joints and muscles burn and shiver. It consumes me. But I must carry on… So much to be done it’s even hard to find time and drop these lines for the sake of history!

And now I am arrantly worried about Hertanyth’s perspective of things… He has such taste for war and power… Gathering resources and strengthening Tusk is all he mumbles about. He appears to be fighting a war for himself only… He is out on the battlefield again… He could be here and see through Tusk’s eyes but he would much rather smell the blood of fallen Yrians

Hertanyth awakens the Second Hero

After learning what had taken place, there was no doubt we had to summon new heroes. Day in and day out, Albano’s guards would introduce us to newly awakened Verge. They were dozens now and the presence of more Starun around us helped them enhance their perception and start to manipulate the energy coming from the Flux. I was still not convinced extracting Starun was the wisest choice. If we were being able to withdraw it from the land, it meant the Seal in that area had been broken. What force could do such thing?

We figured the Rhino Hertanyth had told us about was certainly a First trying to make his way into our world. Given we had the Starun and the available Verge, a second ritual was to be performed. I had to lead the party since I was the only one who could and knew how to. But this time Hertanyth stood at the altar. His binding was very unlike mine. Whilst I felt nothing but peace during the process, Hertanyth was in deep pain.

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Tome III: The First Great War – The Magical Seal

Since my new awakening it became clear that others like me had to be created in order to stand a chance against the end. And so Malthus and Emmarin travelled across the land for months trying to find the greatest warriors of Myridian and assemble the army to wipe the forces of evil away. So many failures… strong candidates whose souls were lost… Starun is as dangerous as it is powerful. But to our luck a few transformations were successful and it wasn’t long before we had the first lineage of legendary heroes. We were eight and our powers combined could face nearly any threat. From Mithaurian, I was followed by Donna – The Amber Arrow, Neeno – The New Moon and Tusk – The Righteous Shield. From Spellenrune there were Mirari – The Green Grimoire and Garrett – The Arcane Scale. From Technokrest, Guill – The New Mind and Fay – The Steel Feather.

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Tome III: The First Great War – Malthus, the Aluminous Sage and the three trials

Once the wisest and most powerful Verge, Malthus was the high priest and leader of his kind for decades, a post he resigned for the greater good. His obsession with the origins of Myridian sent him on a journey of isolation from which he was forced to return due to the events of his time. He had spent years traveling, researching and gathering all information he could find about the Book of Ages, Myrandium. It was said to be the oldest book ever written, in archaic runic, and contained the secrets to Myridian’s origins, much prior to the first Merids we had notice of. He had been able to put together enough information as to have a clue of what to do to help.

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Tome III: The First Great War – The Beginning of the End

All was well before the age of excavations. As the digging sites for Starun extraction went deeper underground all over the planet, surface civilizations had their first encounters with Yrians, and also their first combats. Overwhelmed by the strength and speed of the subterranean breed, the first magical weapons were built. A collaboration between Craftsmirians and Technokrestians, they were the first weapons made of Starun-imbued Mithrall. Much stronger than the average weapon and also capable of energizing projectiles with different characteristics, the armies of Mithaurian became fit to resist combat against Yrians, and occasionally win.

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Tome II: The World of Myridian

Before the war, Myridian used to be a fertile planet, abundant in resources. 2 great continents, spread into seven distinct biomes, not too distant from one another, were bathed by 2 great oceans, Algaro and Nimus, and cut by several rivers, the widest being Hondur. Some take it for an ocean even up to this day. In the Sky, one sun and three moons could be seen. They governed the tides and the seasons. It was also a land replete with minerals, Starun being the most important one.It is the source of Ether, the fifth element, which is capable of generating magic in all of its forms, and in the right hands, even produce matter.

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Tome I: The Races of Myridian

Each of the planet’s seven biomes had unique natural and climatic conditions, and evolution played its part ensuring survival through mutation and blood mixture. When the First Alliance was assembled, walls and gates were built. That made it difficult for new species and mutations to occur since life took its course within short boundaries from then on, and most creatures alike would mate more often than not.

Mithaurian was founded by the oldest Merids and it became the kingdom of warriors. They would be responsible for training new warriors and offering trained soldiers to protect all the other kingdoms. Ruled by a king, recognized unanimously by the citizens and soldiers as the bravest and fairest among all warriors. If there were two or more candidates the matter was to be handled by withdrawal or combat. Combat was never necessary, for they were humble enough to recognize a superior. They would train any creature to handle any weapon.

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Summoning the First Hero

It took us seven days at the forge and almost all the Starun Technokrestians were able to collect to assemble 21 Crystal Runes. The process is actually simple but it takes time. While we devoted all of ours to that task, the engineers from Technokrest created new machines to escort us back to Mithaurian. Their ability to adapt and create never ceases to marvel me. Not only were they able to turn two more harvesting ships into fully equipped battle aircrafts, they also managed to enhance their weapons and structures through Starun energy. It’s relatively new tech, they say, but a shard of Starun can replace most of the fuel required and increase weapon capacity by 100%. Besides, it generates less than 10% of the heat should you compare it to standard weapons. I stand divided whether weapon enhancement is either healthy or a priority at this time, but it sure fascinates Hertanyth. He has a passion for combat and weaponry which is unusual to a Verge.

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