Three months we have been here. Free and yet trapped. Trying to send the first heroes into Arcada. It took longer than we expected but yesterday we finally had a breakthrough.

Much has been learned about Starun and Heroes over the past few months. We now know it is possible for a Verge to summon as many heroes as his resources will allow.

Experimenting with summoning variations has taught us that the proper spellwork might even change a bit of what a hero looks like! I wonder if they have ever had skills and abilities we are still unaware of.

Four heroes were successfully sent to The Trials of Arcada for the first time. Our bonds are still weak. As they reach the magic dungeons we can see as they see and our thoughts become their own, but the link is incomplete.

Synchronicity has been the greatest issue. Though we are realms apart we need them to act as fast as we can think of it. We must try harder. Our research goes on day and night. Tonight we shall make another attempt.