As my eyes slowly open and sight is re-established, I find myself in a gigantic room, covered by blankets made of the finest wool. The decoration is meticulous and every small component in the environment is beautifully adorned. Despite the cloth and all the torches, it still feels a little bit cold. Not far from the bed where I lay there is a window, and the sunset right in front of it reveals a majestic shade. A very large figure indeed, probably the biggest lion I’ve ever laid eyes upon. He is facing the sun and his red cloak along with shoulder pads and armor would make any enemy think twice before striking at him, even considering that the years have not been kind to him. His fur and the little mane he has left are completely white. Albano! The king!

“- Rest at ease. You are safe here.” – He says with a firm voice. “Were it not for your friend you could have been seriously wounded. It is not wise to come to Mithaurian unannounced, especially if bearing a magical weapon. Magic hasn’t been welcome here for centuries.”

Friend? Magical Weapon? Have I hit my head too hard? As I turn to the other side I see another figure. Physically similar to myself. Perhaps a little bulkier and taller, but his semblance is that of a descendant of the Verge. Almond eyes, a prominent chin, thin hands with long fingers. But I’ve never seen him before. Not around the library or the main temple at least.

“- Let me introduce myself, dear Nettor. I am Hertanyth. Awakened by magic just as you were. My first revelations must have taken place sometime before yours. When it first happened I was fleeing Craftsmir right before the great eruption. The hawks were all flying north in a rush, and I figured something bad was about to happen. So I decided to run. The quake had just begun and I got trapped in a sinkhole after I lost mount. Fortunately, the underground path that was revealed led me a few miles ahead and I was able to get back to my raft and reach the shores between Agadeera and Spellenrune. But back at the sinkhole there was a strange glow coming through the crevices. In a moment of pure instinct I felt attracted to it. I took hold of some debris that surrounded this glowing stone and hit it many times. I was able to retrieve a small shard of it, which is now in possession of Albano’s high council. But as I kept it hidden in my tunic on the journey overseas, it started merging its energy with mine, and the dreams started. Very unclear at first, but after a while I could see the army of legendary heroes from our fairy tales in combat! Many were nothing but shades, but one in particular seemed to call to me. A gigantic Rhino! Can you believe it? Since then, I thought the only living person able to help me summon these heroes would be Nettor, the last descendant of Malthus! So I started wandering about the main temple and it was just a matter of time until you sneaked out of it at night and into Spellenrune’s borders! You handed a copy of your notes to a beggar, and it was not long before he dumped it. I imagined you would not be able to find your way out of the forest easily, so I decided to give you a hand with that. As a self-employed merchant, I’d been around those woods dozens of times!”

“- Done with formalities, there is much we must discuss. If you can already stand, Nettor, please join us for a walk. There is something quite intriguing you should see!” – Says Albano.