For some reason our enemies had known both this place and our location. I do not think luck alone had set Albano and Neeno on our path, since we had had terrible conflicts against Yrians near the beaches bathed by the Hondur river.

The sands of the northern portion of the continent that are bathed by the northern sea of Algaro are white and cold. But I had never heard of the dunes we were now visiting. Mounts of sand several meters high tall could hide entire castles and fortresses underneath.

Neeno requested that I used some Starun in the sand, thus revealing a multitude of symbols and runes. One of the Verge with us followed the drawings up to a small rock with a cavity. When energized, a huge tower was revealed to everyone. High as 40 meters, shielded by a large reinforced steel gate and more of those many symbols in ancient runic.

As soon as Albano and Neeno forced the door, the Verge felt a forceful current of Starun energy coming from inside. It was able to illuminate the largest collection of books any Merid or Verge had ever seen, dozens of times larger than the Spellenrune Main Temple Library. In the center of it a large crystal statue, only matched in size to Tusk’s height.

“This is the Verge Library and this is the statue of Malthus. Behind it lies the access to the lower floors with dormitories and living rooms and somewhere downstairs, the passage to the portals room ” – explained Neeno.