“A king of Mithaurian never gets lost – is what Carlo always said.” said Neeno as they all stared at a huge cave carved by powers yet unknown to the team.

I let the Verge who came with me to Arcada stay in the library conducting research. In the meantime, Neeno and Albano and I entered the basement of the Library of Elders through tunnels that harbored the densest atmosphere I had ever been through. Tunnels of such impenetrable darkness that our torches dwindled into nothing. As much as Neeno had told us we had only been there for an hour, it felt as if days had passed.

We arrived in a huge atrium inwrought with Starun housing chandeliers I did hesitate before lighting. Twelve altars facing carved wooden doors, a large trapdoor in the center and only a symbol for each door carved on the walls. The trapdoor wood is notched too and that is all there is.

“I know that one of these doors will grant access to the library above us and it must probably be the one to the right, engraved with Malthus’ symbol. But I can not read the symbols, ” Neeno said as he walked around the room.

Now I guess my next mission is to figure out how to activate the doors and what this trapdoor is all about.