Each of the planet’s seven biomes had unique natural and climatic conditions, and evolution played its part ensuring survival through mutation and blood mixture. When the First Alliance was assembled, walls and gates were built. That made it difficult for new species and mutations to occur since life took its course within short boundaries from then on, and most creatures alike would mate more often than not.

Mithaurian was founded by the oldest Merids and it became the kingdom of warriors. They would be responsible for training new warriors and offering trained soldiers to protect all the other kingdoms. Ruled by a king, recognized unanimously by the citizens and soldiers as the bravest and fairest among all warriors. If there were two or more candidates the matter was to be handled by withdrawal or combat. Combat was never necessary, for they were humble enough to recognize a superior. They would train any creature to handle any weapon.

Some Merids though were not born warriors. Those would be trained in combat just enough to be able to ambush small parties of monsters that might invade the land. The rest of their training would be farming and producing fabrics. They were allocated in Grymill, a land of fertile plains, where they would harvest fruits, vegetables and honey. This kingdom was the biggest in area, and its roads would lead anywhere, since they were responsible for supplying food and fabric. They also had vessels that could travel overseas or cross Hondur river.

Some of them also migrated to Agadeera, the land of the beasts. In the south coast of the continent bathed by the salted waters of Nimus, swamp and mangrove forests are the most common landscape. This is where funghi, herbs and Will o’ the wisp can be found. Some of them contain magical properties as well. The Merids that settled there had to master stealth abilities since engaging the native monsters of the land could bring unnecessary casualties. It is also the land where most elementals appear. A treatise was arranged with Lunkao, king of the crocodiles and the elementals of water and leaves. That allowed for the construction of the Agad forest, a magical barrier in form of deep forest that keeps unknown monsters away from that portion of the continent and inprisioned the foul creatures of the swamp inside Agadeera.

Basiliah was the last piece of land occupied by Merids. It is a kingdom built to protect the northern seas and the spring of Hondur river. The convergence of three waters on that spot carries with it the greatest dangers that could come from sea. A thick fog is always a bad sign, for the fog brings monsters within. The settlers of Basiliah learned the hard way how to fight on water. Their battleships keep constant watch in order not to let any creature reach Hondur.

Spellenrune was built to shelter the elder Verges. They would be responsible for all the knowledge. Magic, History and Research. They were to explore all the possibilities of Starun manipulation and develop tools and constructs to thrust the planet forward in evolution.

When Verges and Merids mated, their descendants would merge the skills of both, but one side was always predominant. That mixture brought many new talents into existence. The finest artists Myridian had ever seen. Blacksmiths, Painters, Dancers, Carpenters, and so many more. They could imbue their pieces with Starun and give them unimaginable magical properties and applications. They were sent to the mountains where they founded Craftsmir, the land of the artisans.

The youngest of all Kingdoms is Technokrest. Some of Craftsmir inhabitants discovered Mithral, a metal that was not only very resistant, but also a good host for Starun. They found its biggest reserves in a rocky region and decided to settle there in order to extract it and develop new technologies from it.

Last but not least, there is the legendary Yriartra. Home of the Yrians, its existence has never been proved, but some say it is a never ending sequence of tunnels that can connect any two points of Myridian through the underground. At its heart, supposedly lies the black obsidian stone, the hardest mineral on the planet.