Before the war, Myridian used to be a fertile planet, abundant in resources. 2 great continents, spread into seven distinct biomes, not too distant from one another, were bathed by 2 great oceans, Algaro and Nimus, and cut by several rivers, the widest being Hondur. Some take it for an ocean even up to this day. In the Sky, one sun and three moons could be seen. They governed the tides and the seasons. It was also a land replete with minerals, Starun being the most important one.It is the source of Ether, the fifth element, which is capable of generating magic in all of its forms, and in the right hands, even produce matter.

The first known inhabitants of the land were called Merids, a name they still proudly carry. They had a peaceful and organized clan-based society and were first responsible for developing farming and archaic engineering. Their bodies were bulky and they were able to stand against climate adversities with ease. An inborn exploring nature led them to the extremes of the planet, which forced them to constantly mutate in order to adapt and that originated several other subspecies we will bring to the story soon. Later on in history they developed the first kingdom, the first weapons and war tactics.

Then there are the Verge. The most brilliant minds carried by very fragile bodies. Mostly isolated in caves at the earlier days, they relied on shelter, fire and garments to survive. They had the ability to draw the energy from Starun and mold it into whatever they could think of, provided they had the right tools for the job. They would leave mundane things like gathering resources, planting, harvesting, building and sewing to the Merids as they propelled the world into an age of magic. They would use writing to record history, develop spells and instructions for generations to come to continue evolving. They blended Starun with other materials in order to enhance its capabilities and applications. Their group was organized as a single society, led by the wisest elder alive. He would become the high priest in the temple and his duty was to ensure the safety of the archives, and also that magic was put to good use. Their blood-mixtured descendants were the first artists, modern engineers, artisans and blacksmiths.

Even though Starun could be found on the surface, its concentration of magic radiation grows stronger as it is collected deeper underground. That was the reason for the age of excavations to begin. But the undergrounds of Myridian still sheltered another civilization. The Yrians. Unknown to the surface peoples, they emerged from the first large craters opened by Merid miners. Despite being much larger than the average Merid, they were also a lot faster. Their skin was thick and rough, almost like scales. No one had ever reasoned with an Yrian because they would always strike in rage and attack until they would either kill or be killed. For all we knew, they were only beasts, unable to think or to do anything but kill and destroy.

From this first encounter with anand enemy civilization came the need to change the way Myridian was organized. Each continent tried their best to group up and unite, and put their best skills at the planet’s service. This first alliance made Myridian what it is up to this day…